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It all started from two frustrated entrepreneurs in 2016...

Two tech founders wanted to have a tech-driven community to support their lonely journey while they were trying to build their A.I startups...


Supporting education in the field of product, data, growth, and machine learning

Share, Learn, Grow.

Our Story…

Beyond Machine first-ever event was at TOA satellite event in 2016.

We had over 120 people joined us a full house at Amano Rootop Hotel with Facebook and Twitter’s VC from U.S and UK to join us. There were 5 amazing startups, Rasa, a Forbes nominated founders, had pitched at our event along with a couple of other startups and our sponsor Cheetah Mobile, one of the most used utility app, talked about their A.I. products and solutions.

A year after, we launched also several A.I conferences and events after.

Fast forward to today, we have grown to a big community with educational workshops, events, and conferences. Fortunately, what we wanted to achieve in the first place, we have already achieved.

This year we decided to launch a new series of events about “failure” in product, data, engineer or growth.

Why? In the tech world, we are flooded with “successful stories” everyday. Therefore, we want to encourage people to talk more “failure” or those stories which provided them great learning lessons.

Show your vulnerabilities, build stronger resilience and learn from each other.

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Continuing Education for Product, data and growth field.

We create bespoke continuing education programs to address the needs of p product managers, data scientists, developer and machine learning engineer. From training on the latest technology to new pedagogical methods, we help our community member make their classrooms engaging and successful. through both online and offline bootcamps.

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The most engaging tech community

Education happens within the context of a larger community. Our approach extends beyond just training and bootcamps. We also organize bi-monthly events for our members to share, learn, and grow .

Our Clients & Partners

What Our Students Are Saying


"Beyond machine was a good place to meet like-minded data scientists.

The instructors were highly experienced in their field and I really enjoyed the topics discussed.

On top of that, the workshops were a good opportunity to exchange experiences and discuss about applying machine learning solutions within real business environments."

— Korbinian Oswald, Data Scientist @ Dalia Research


“"Beyond Machine is really holding up to its name: their bet that learning, even about learning machines, is best in direct contact with a human teacher, was continuously proven in the course given by Romeo Kienzler about Machine Learning tools for Predictive Analytics.

No online lecture can be up to this highly interactive approach, mixing concise explanations of the underlying concepts with hands-on coding sessions about relevant applications and thorough discussions for a deeper understanding.

Romeo skilfully managed to bridge the gap between the beginners and the experts in the audience.

Here, you really have the chance to extend your practical knowledge, to clarify your doubts and get answers to your questions.”

— Simon Kuttruf, Machine Learning Expert @ Deepprojects.

“When I was invited to M.I.E. Summit, I just started learning Data Science and was excited to attend the event that bring people to uncover the possibilities of Data Science. 

As a newcomer, I absorbed every piece of information I could get. It was a fruitful day full of Q&A and networking ...  I especially liked the workshops, as they provided an actual experience with a tool and methodologies.

Here I am now.  Ten months later, doing Data Science professionally in a German startup. 

It was People. 

That is also the reason, why I am now a mentor for the FrauenLoop  'Data Science with Python' course. Where we help women enter the IT market and find their perfect job..”

— Elena Petrova, Machine Learning Engineer

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“This is the most intimate tech community I have ever joined. People are so willing to share and learn and show their vulnerability.”

— Cindy Tang, Product Manager

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